Derenoncourt Consultants

 Derenoncourt Consultants proposes to owners of wine estate in France and abroad an all-encompassing perception of their vineyard, covering every stage from grape production through to wine-making.

This very specific approach explains how, in less than fifteen years, Derenoncourt Consultants has attained the highest level of excellence.

This success is based as much on the company’s unique working methods as on its ‘head over heels’ passion for fabulous terroirs.

Stéphane Derenoncourt has recruited to work alongside him a team of eight consultants, trained in his techniques over the past fifteen years. These consultants make an audit of the wine estates for which they are responsible throughout the world. Their collaboration is necessarily based upon a full and prior appraisal of the vines’ healthiness.

When risk-taking is assessed for an estate, the consultants’ recommendations are reassuring. Their external viewpoint is a great advantage for owners who devote all their attention solely to managing their own domain.


In January 2010, three of the consultants, Julien Lavenu, Simon Blanchard and Frédéric Massie (all in their thirties) became associates at Derenoncourt Consultants.

Each of the colleagues, some of whom are qualified oenologists, works on the basis of the core values upheld by the company: keep an inquisitive mind, unswayed by others’ opinions, observe and experiment, update wine-making methods confidently to give greater consideration to the soil, vine, fruit and wine.

Stéphane Derenoncourt establishes his consultancy business for vine growing and wine-making (Vignerons Consultants). Château Pavie Macquin, promoted to the rank of Classified 1st Great Growth in 2006, will be his very first client.

The Spanish estate Alonso Del Yerro becomes the first European client.

Francis Ford Coppola contacts Stéphane Derenoncourt's consultancy services for his wine estate in California.

The firms Vignerons Consultants now becomes Derenoncourt Consultants.