Derenoncourt Consultants

“A common passion motivates our team each and every day. As each wine estate is unique in its way, we rise to different challenges and are able to enhance our knowledge on a daily basis.
But it is the human encounters and adventures we enjoy in our jobs and in every place,
country or local culture that make our experience so rewarding.”

Stéphane Derenoncourt

The team

The men and women who make up Derenoncourt Consultants bring a range of technical know-hows and experiences of working in the different vineyards around the world. Today, each of the 9 consultants making up the core of the business and who originate from diverse regions, offers a different sensitive approach and contributes to a breeding ground of expertise. Together as œnologists, viticulturalists, agronomists and consultants in the field, they are able to offer their professional support with a high level of technicity and flexibility.
“We create a real global or ‘à la carte’ partnership with our clients and implement carefully adapted, precise ways of working. In the field, we have eleven people.”
Their particular approach is underpinned by an innovative and iconoclastic way of working, based on careful observation, sensitivity to terroir, trust, the sharing of knowledge and a readiness to listen. They share a global vision of the wine consultant’s role: one in which a thorough knowledge of the soils, the vines and the ecosystem of the vineyard is essential. Clear proof of their method’s success is the fact that Derenoncourt Consultants today boasts 152 clients, 30 of them in different countries around the world.  

 The Philosophy

Derenoncourt Consultants promotes a global approach and vision, favouring a balanced ecosystem in the vineyard. One feature of the Derenoncourt Consultants team is the many hours each of them spends in the vineyards. Another is the close relationship they develop with their clients. Great store is also set on the careful planning of processes, and the wine-growing stages are monitored and followed right up to the promotion of the wines in the market. In short, from the soil to the bottle. Defining itself as a scrupulous and caring interpreter of a terroir giving careful consideration to the balances and ecosystems and to the estate as an agricultural entity, Derenoncourt Consultants opposes the very idea of monoculture farming. 
« C’est une société qui a beaucoup d’avenir si elle garde son savoir-faire, si elle s’engage dans cette voie paysanne et de bon sens »
Each consultant seeks to produce wines with a clearly-defined identity, a dimension which brings wines their terroir expression and added lustre. They believe in the notion of good farming common sense, connecting past growing practices with present ones, often cross-referencing times gone by with today in order to learn how to re-establish balances that have been lost.  

The label

Derenoncourt Consultants works in tandem with the estate owners and the estates’ technical teams all over the world in making wines reflecting their place and vineyard, while offering global or ‘à la carte’ support solutions. Its nine consultants partner these different wine estates, for which they do a prior and complete audit.
“Vines must be made to feel at ease. We must nurture and guide them while paying careful attention to their soil, their sub-soil and applying good farming practices.”  
Ensuring that the integrity of fruit flavour is preserved prior to transformation and that the extraction process is guided by the quality of the raw material is an essential part of the Derenoncourt Consultants’ philosophy. Wines must express fruit character and their place of origin.
Methods and tasting analyses always focus firstly on the expression of terroir in the wine.
The consultants bring, above all, a real perspective and a philosophy of wine-growing, since while their primary job is providing long-term quality technical advice and follow-up, they also offer a way of thinking to reach the goal of producing wines with a clearly-defined identity.