Internationally renowned, Derenoncourt Consultants provides its consultancy services to 150 domains worldwide.

When a wine estate owner calls upon the services of Derenoncourt Consultants it is to seek excellence and recognition for its wines.  It is also to take full advantage of a tried and tested methodology specific to this company.

This approach will completely change the way in which a vineyard is perceived.  Quite often, owners even feel they rediscover their own property. 

The role of Derenoncourt Consultants is to optimise and encourage the progress of working methods by its recommendations. It also draws up a map indicating each of the vineyard’s plots of vines; it puts them in an order of hierarchy and evaluates quality objectively. 

Derenoncourt Consultants is renowned for its ability to implement procedures for making and maturing wines that give priority to gentle methods, those that give great consideration for substance and balance in wine. 

The assistance and guidance process the company has developed also allows a handover to the estate. This is a very important point for winegrower clients, who, thanks to constant contact with the teams at Derenoncourt Consultants, can gradually appropriate and apply this totally new way of functioning.

As well as individual follow-up, producers also benefit from reactivity and analysis that comes from the company’s wealth of resources in technical and scientific skills. Expertise and know-how unceasingly fuelled by experience acquired in winegrowing regions across France and abroad, wherever the company Derenoncourt Consultants is called in. 

“Our approach differs greatly to the way things are usually done. Each wine we make is remarkable, with true character, creative; a far cry from the standardization of taste.”
Simon Blanchard, associate of Derenoncourt Consultants
In the vat house, the same principles determine this assistance. Derenoncourt Consultants is above all keen to conserve the wholeness of the fruit before it is transformed, in order be able to extract the wine’s identity. Extraction is then guided by the quality of the fruit and how it performs during fermentation.

Although the wines all share a pure expression of fruit and its origin, the wine-making and maturation process is above all guided by sensory analysis and aims to produce well balanced, remarkable wines.