The unique qualities of a soil can reveal a fine wine


Extraire l’expression optimale du terroir


Un Label d’Excellence

For many observers, Derenoncourt Consultants embodies the new generation of consultants working in viticulture & wine-making. It is undoubtedly this all-encompassing perception of a vineyard that mostly clearly represents Derenoncourt Consultants’ speciality.

A wine’s identity is defined by observing the place where the grapes are grown, by making a careful note of each and every detail, taking into consideration the soil and sub-soil, the orientation of the vines and the climate.

Establishing an ethos for wine production adapted to the vineyard itself enables the grower to produce grapes capable of revealing true character, unique wines that recount their history. Humankind comes and goes, but soils remain…

Stéphane Derenoncourt

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